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  • Interviews conducted since 1989 with individuals who witnessed
    the events of the Second World War and immigrated and settled in
    Canada after the war. Respondents include survivors of German
    and Soviet concentration camps, members of various World War II
    military formations, and forced labourers. Ukrainian Canadian
    community leaders within political, cultural and religious
    institutions have been identified. Their biographies, as well as
    their views on the present and future of Ukrainian life in
    Canada, are recorded. Organizations referred to include the
    Ukrainian-Canadian Committee (UCC), "Akcia Visa", the
    Carpatho-Ukraine United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation
    Administration (UNRRA), the International Refugee Organization
    (IRO), the Ukrainian Division "Halylchyna", and the Ukrainian
    Insurgent Army (UPA). Contains references to Rimini, Brody and
    Babyn Yar, in Ukraine, and to various cities in Canada. This is
    an ongoing project.

  • Interview conducted in 1987 with a Ukrainian World War II
    internee, who discusses his internment, the Canadian Armed
    Forces, coal mines, and Lupul's farm. Places referred to include
    Calgary, Edmonton and Jasper National Park.

  • Interviews conducted in 1991 and 1992 with prominent Ukrainian
    activists as they visited the Centre on various occasions.
    Interviewees are individuals who have played a key role within
    the Ukrainian political arena and have witnessed and actively
    participated in the democratic processes unfolding within
    present-day Ukraine. Their biographies, as well as their views
    on the past, present and future of Ukrainian political and social
    life, are recorded. They discuss communism, political prisoners,
    World War II, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), RUKH (the
    pro-democracy movement), and the Communist Party. Places
    referred to include Ukraine, Australia, Germany, and various
    cities in the United States.

  • Interviews conducted between April 1989 and June 1991 as part of
    the material the Centre is compiling for a full-length
    documentary film on Ukrainian Canadian war heroes. Interviewees
    are Ukrainian Canadian men and women members of the Canadian
    Armed Forces during World War II. The entire life history of the
    individual is recorded with emphasis placed on World War
    II-related events: Displaced Persons (DPs) Camps, repatriation,
    training and service in the Canadian Armed Forces; the Ukrainian
    Canadian Servicemen's Association is also mentioned.
    Interviewees refer to East Africa, England, Italy, Japan and

  • Interviews conducted between 1981 and 1988. Material was used in
    the production of the one hour film "Harvest of Despair",
    documenting the 1932-1933 famine in Ukraine. Screened in Canada,
    the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Sweden, the
    film won international acclaim, receiving 11 prizes, 6 of which
    were first prizes. Men and women survivors of the famine were
    interviewed. The motion picture interviews concentrate on the
    Famine and the related events. The video and sound cassette
    interviews deal also with the entire life history of the
    individuals interviewed. Special emphasis was placed on the
    Canadian experience. Topics include the famine itself,
    cannibalism, communism, collectivization, religious persecution,
    the CHEKA, the League of Nations, the O.G.P.U., Torgsin Stores
    and the Twenty-Five Thousanders. Interviewees refer to the North
    Caucasus, Podillia, the Volga Region, Volyn, and cities and
    villages in Ukraine.<br/>
    Transcripts of the sound cassette recordings were published in
    Oral History Project of the Commission on the Ukraine Famine,
    vol. 3, Washington, D.C., U.S. Government Printing Office, 1990,
    p. 1464-1659.

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