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  • Interview with Rita Greer Allen, recorded in 1972. Mrs. Allen, a
    writer and film director for the CBC, discusses her relationship
    with André Biéler; her first impression when they met at Queen's
    in 1941, his influence on her life, her art and her writing. This
    recording serves as an introduction to the personality of the

  • Conversation with Henry Black (1893-), marine engineer and Canada
    Steamship Lines superintendent, recorded in 1974. Mr. Black
    discusses incidents which occurred in the Canadian Navy in
    Halifax, during World War II.

  • Interview conducted in July 1969 with Hugh Garner.

  • Interviews recorded in 1977-1978 with Douglas Ampleford, A. Emile
    Beauvais, Charles-Emile Belanger, Helen Burpee, E.A. Christenson,
    G.P. Clarkson, William H. Cook, Harold E. Crate, James A.
    DeLalanne, Ian Forbes, D.L. Gordon, M.G. Graves, W.I.
    Hetherington, Campbell W. Leach, W.G. Leonard, J. Emile Maheu,
    Thompson Merrilees, C.D. Mellor, H.H. Milburn, T.A.M. Mutchison,
    Benjamin Pape, Clair H. Smith, L.J. Smith, W. Givens Smith,
    Ingham Sutcliffe, and M. Laird Watt.

  • Interview conducted with Frederick Alexander Cays in 1978. Dr.
    Cays, a physician and Medical Professor at Queen's University,
    discusses his early days as a medical student, and his life as a
    surgeon and a professor.

  • Interview of artist Alex Colville conducted in 1981. Mr.
    Colville discusses his personal view of art, including the
    purpose of art, the value in art, the attitude of the artist,
    influences in the development of the artist and the role of the
    artist in society.

  • Interview conducted in 1970 with John James Deutsch, economist
    and Principal, Queen's University. Mr. Deutsch discusses the
    Queen's capital campaign, and what the money will be used for;
    the Senate report on academic development concerning Queen's
    enrollment; and methods of financing higher education in the
    future. Broadcast by Radio Station CFRC in Queen's Campus
    Comment series.

  • Includes interviews with Tommy Barnett, Bernie Bedore, Captain
    George Downey, Captain Lyle Dugan, John King, Captain Lewis Orr,
    and Sid Pottinger.

  • Interview conducted in 1980 with William Charles Gorr. Mr. Gorr
    talks about North Frontenac county as he remembers it in the
    early part of this century. He describes many of the lakes in
    the area, the formation of roads, and the families that have
    resided there. He tells stories about some of the forest fires
    he had to fight when deputy ranger for the area.

  • Interview conducted on April 13, 1971 with Arthur Reginald
    Marsden Lower, historian and Professor of History, Queen's
    University. A discussion of recent Canadian history, as well as
    Dr. Lower's views as expressed in the book Canadians in the
    Making. Dr. Lower also answers various questions concerning his
    philosophy of history as it relates to his philosophy of life.

  • Interview recorded on February 8, 1984 with Canadian writer Hugh
    MacLennan. Discusses his life, and tells stories relating to the
    First World War period in Halifax when he was young.

  • Interview conducted on September 25 and October 2, 1986 with
    Frederick C. McCallum. Relates to life in Northern Ontario,
    1910-1916, including the fire at Matheson, July, 1916.

  • Interview conducted on February 25, March 4 and June 1, 1977 with
    Hugh Alexander McLeod, a clergyman from Victoria, B.C. Included
    are anecdotes about people, places encountered and experiences of
    Mr. McLeod throughout his long career. Mr. McLeod speaks with
    uncommon humility about his life, and with great respect and
    admiration for the many individuals he mentions.

  • Interview conducted on July 17, 1970 with Richard Murray.
    Discusses the early years of his life and his recollection of
    persons and events involving Katherine Mansfield as well as
    recollections of Katherine herself. This account portrays
    Katherine Mansfield in her relations to people close to her in
    the early part of this century.

  • Interviews recorded in 1985 and 1986. Interviewees include
    Orville Ault, Roma Ault, Clara Brooke, M. Crain, Dorothea Druce,
    M. Dunlop, Dorothy Dyde, R.H. Ettinger, Gertrude Fortune, Dr.
    Clifford Gibson, Herbert Hamilton, M. Hood, Dr. C.Y. Hopkins,
    Honora Keck, Hante MacCammon, Ruth McKenzie, Len Merkley, Sibyl
    MacLachlan, Della Munroe, Nora Morel, Miss Robinson, Beatrice
    Rombough, Mary Rowland, Kathleen Ryan, Margaret Stephenson,
    Harold Stewart, Erica Thompson, Marion Wait, Leonard Wheeler, and
    Beatrice Young.

  • Interviews conducted with Andrew Brewin, Peggy Brewin, George
    Cadbury, Terry Grier, George Grube, Gwennyth Grube, Edward B.
    Jolliffe, John Harney, Stephen Lewis, Donald C. MacDonald,
    Charles Millard, Larry Sefton, Miller Stewart, Peg Stewart,
    Gordon Vickert and Fred Young.

  • "Hidden Voices: Oral History Project Interviews", recorded
    between 1976 and 1980, pertaining to experiences of women who
    have worked and studied at Queen's University.<br/>
    Includes interviews with Margaret Angus, Elizabeth Bagshaw, Annie
    May Baker, Bertha Bassam, Marjorie Bates, Clara Marion Brooke,
    Helen Brunton, Beatrice Bryce, Dilys Buckley-Jones, Catherine
    Janet Campbell, Laura Ruth Campling, Katherine Cartwright, Azelie
    Campbell-Clark, Grace Cullen Olive David, M. Kathleen Dodd, Alice
    Vibert Douglas, Olga Earl, Edith Ferguson, Mabel Claire Galt,
    Kathleen Garvin (Sister St. Gabriel), Anne-Marie Gaston, Lillian
    Gertsman, Frances Elizabeth Gibbs, Margaret Eleanor Gibson, Rose
    Mary Gibson, Lin Good, Ann Herrick Graham, Marlene Gvozden,
    Alison Taylor Hardy, Kathleen Healey, Marion Bell Hogg, Pauline
    Jewett, Audrey Judge, Valentina Krotkov, Grace Kuehner, Hilda
    Laird, Gladys R. Lennon, Jean Love, Jean McBratney, Elizabeth
    Pauline MacCallum, Flora Isabel MacDonald, Anne MacDermaid, Sibyl
    MacLachlan, Evelyn Macleod, Grace Miller, Sadie Godwin Miller,
    Caroline Mitchell, Florence May Mooney, Gladys Munnins, Mary
    Alice Murray, Mildred Katherine Nobles, Freda Paltiel, May
    Penwarden, Jean Pitt, Pauline Platt, Mabel Powell, Lillian
    Preston, Christine Elizabeth Rice, Mabel Roberts, S. Marion Ross,
    Mary Katherine Rowland, Jean Isobel Royce, Kathleen Ryan, Sister
    Lillian Anthony Teaffe, Geraldine Rose Tepper, Muriel Uprichard,
    Ruth C. Wallbridge, Jenny McMartin Weir, Edith Margaret Whyte,
    Dorothy Wight and Lilyan Wiley.

  • Interviews conducted in 1979 and used for the writing of The
    Redeemed of the Lord Say So (1981). Interviewees include Elias
    Andrews, Frank Bannister, Bert Green, C.H. Parker, Joyce Semple
    and Waldo Smith.

  • Interviews conducted in 1981, relating to labour relations in the
    Douglas Library, Queen's University. Interviewees include
    Barbara Astbury, Lin Good, Edward Scott and M. Elizabeth Skeith.

  • Interviews conducted from May to August 1985 with people from
    various backgrounds, living in the Kingston area. Main topics
    include immigration and the adaptation of immigrants to Canadian
    society (particularly Chinese Canadians, Italian Canadians and
    Indian Canadians), fine arts and the place of arts in the life of
    artists, education, nursing and hospitals, small businesses, and
    religion. Contains references to Kingston institutions such as
    Queen's University, St. Lawrence College, Victoria School, the
    Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph, Kingston General Hospital,
    Hotel Dieu Hospital, as well as the World University Service of
    Canada, and Amnesty International.

  • Interview recorded in 1957 with André Biéler about the Agnes
    Etherington Art Centre and art education; interview recorded in
    1957 with astrophysicist Alice Vibert Douglas (1894-1988), about
    her visit with Albert Einstein in 1915, and the work of Sir
    Arthur S. Eddington on the theory of relativity; interview
    conducted by Pat Keighley of the CBC with Gerald Sandford Graham,
    Professor of History at King's College in London, England, about
    students in London and at Queen's University; reminiscences
    recorded in 1945 by Hugh Alexander McLeod about his studies at

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